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`~ Releasing the Mainstream Fitness Script ~`

Entering in the new outlook of the gym – a place and time to release your energy, vibe, and enjoy. A part of that enjoyment is in the hard stuff – doing things that scare you, feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Doing things you didn’t think were possible and focusing on the beauty in that, the beauty in what your body is capable of, the beauty of your growth and all the way it ebbs an flows. That’s what we are here for and fostering this month. I channeled this energy into the programs. Lets fucking rage.


The Purpose

The purpose of this program is to train your entire body to get strong AF based off of my own training programs. It’ll be perfect for building strength, confidence, developing healthy habits, moving your body, and just overall being the total badass that you are! Includes both a gym and home version

RELEASED April 29, 2020 – Starting May 3rd, 2021

The Details

4 day split alternating Upper & Lower Body + an optional 5th day

Can opt for 3/4 days – you won’t lose your gains or need to worry about “doing enough.” The program should work in balance with the rest of your life.

The workouts are the same for the 4 weeks. There is an added explanation of how to practice progressive overload (as well as what that even means).

You will gain access to a Facebook Group where you can ask questions and gain access to a premade Google Sheet that you can use to track your workouts.

This is appropriate for those who have some experience working out in the gym. There is NO strength prerequisite but some familiarity with compound movements will be beneficial. I will be able to coach you to help you perfect your form.

If you are less experienced, I would opt for the 8 Week Full Body Program as it goes more in depth with how to make the program work for your ability levels.

Gym version equipment needed is a squat rack, bench, barbell, plates, and dumbbells.

Home version can easily be scaled to work with your equipment – none at all, bands, or dumbbells! Works best with a set of dumbbells and booty band.

Who is this program for?

Those looking for structure as they get back in the gym.

Those looking for structure in their home workout programs.

Those looking for a stress relief during these crazy times.

Those looking to build upon/keep up their gains while being at home.

Those looking to be a part of a community of like minded women who all want to support and encourage one another to be their best.

Those who want to keep up and/or create healthy habits.

Those who want to be an absolute BADDIE.

Those who want strong ass tiddies and a booty to match.

High vibe women.





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