Push Up/Quad – 30 Day Home Program



The Purpose
The purpose of this program is to train your entire body while staying safe at home! It’ll be perfect for building strength, confidence, developing healthy habits, moving your body, and just overall being the total badass that you are!


The Details

5 day split (can be modified to what works best for you!)

This month’s focus is on push ups and quads – both are prioritized and come first in the workouts so you’ll be the most fresh/able to put the most effort into them.

There are 3 Full Body Days, 1 Shoulder Day, & 1 Lower Body.

Workouts progress over a 4 week period and there is an explanation on how to practice progressive overload (as well as what that even means).

Yours to keep forever. Can repeat however many times you desire.

Appropriate for anyone from the beginner lifter to the more advanced!

Can easily be scaled to work with your equipment – none at all, bands, or dumbbells!

Who is this program for?

Those looking for structure in their home workout programs.

Those looking to build upon/keep up their gains while being at home.

Those looking for a stress relief during these crazy times.

Those looking to be a part of a community of like minded women who all want to support and encourage one another to be their best.

Those who want to keep up and/or create healthy habits.

Anyone who is feeling frustrated, disheartened, alone, confused, lost, stressed, anxious, or worrisome – the program and group will be perfect for you <3