building ass – June 2024



The Purpose

I’ve been a gym goer since I was 12, lifting becoming my primary form of exercise at age 18, and actually knowing what the hell I am even doing since I was 23. I am 29 now. I’ve gotten bored, I’ve been injured, I’ve been burnt out. I was trying to keep myself on the hamster wheel of training as I always have, making squats and deadlifts a regular occurrence and regularly training upper body. Something was no longer meshing, I became irregular and lost my training fire. The gym and I were in a tricky spot. I knew I needed it but it wasn’t enjoyable anymore. How could I change that?

I got real and honest. What sounds like actual fun? How can I leave the gym feeling energized and recharged? The answer… training for ass. And letting that be enough.

The pros? I am actually in a routine of regular training again after 3 years of floundering around. My training sessions take no more than 40 minutes. I look forward to the gym, not wanting to miss out on a booty building session. Oh, and my butt is packing absolute heat.

Here enters a training protocol so you TOO can have an ass packing heat. Building ass is based off of my own training over the course of the last few months, as well as the training protocol of my client of six years. Her glutes have changed shape within the last few months of implementing glute focused training, which is hard to accomplish when you are a seasoned lifter.

There’s no squats, no deadlifting, and no upper body. You are more than welcome to add in your own additional day (or two) of training to include any lifts that you are craving.

My goal is to have an ass so large that I need to make custom pants to fit. Start today on the caboose train so you don’t have ass FOMO.


RELEASED May 29, 2024

The Details

3 day split, all lower body with a glute focused

Workouts progress over a 4 week period and there is an explanation on how to practice progressive overload (as well as what that even means).

Yours to keep forever. Can repeat however many times you desire.

Appropriate for anyone from the beginner lifter to the more advanced!

Made with having access to a barbell, squat rack, bench, booty band, long resistance bands, leg extension and dumbbells in mind

Can be modified to what equipment you have access to and includes explanation of how to do so

Who is this program for?

Those who want a dumpy wumpy

Those who want to stop traffic with their behind

Those who are curious to what potential their ass has

Those who want some summer flare and fun in their training

Those who want to feel energized after the gym

Those looking for structure in their workout programs

Those looking to get back into the gym

Those looking to build upon/keep up their gains

Those looking for a stress relief

Those who want to keep up and/or create healthy habits