Full Body 8 Week Program


8-Week Full Body Program, Non-Coaching Option


The Purpose
The purpose of this program is to train your entire body in an effort to gain strength, resulting in overall muscle growth and fat loss.

The Details

70 pages long, 16,000+ words

5 day split (can be modified to 4 days)

Alternates Lower, Upper, Lower, Upper, Lower.

Workouts change every 2 weeks with explanations of how to practice progressive overload. It is 8 weeks total.

Each exercise has a hashtag associated with it. You can search that hashtag on Instagram and a video of myself preforming it will pop up.

The purchase of any program grants access to my private IG account that is solely a video workout database.

Yours to keep forever. Can repeat however many times you desire.

Appropriate for a relatively new to the more advanced lifter who is looking for a professionally designed program based off the most recent scientific research in strength training.

Requires a full gym & mini resistance bands


I recommend completing this program before the strength program.