Lifestyle Change Challenge 2019 Details

Get excited for my first ever CHALLENGE!

The purpose of this challenge:

The goal here isn’t a quick fix but to help instill a lifestyle change! The hope is that the competitive nature will help you stick with it during the 8 weeks. Once you’ve completed the 8 weeks, you’ll realize how great you feel and what a badass you are and how worthwhile it is to stay CONSISTENT! You’ll want to continue making working out a priority in your life!

 The general details are as follows:

  • 8 weeks long, following the full body program I currently offer
  • 5 day split (with option to do just 4 days)
    • Lower, Upper, Lower, Upper, Rotation of Lower & Circuit Day
  • Workouts are the same for 2 weeks and then change to get progressively harder
  • Includes ab and cardio options
  • Each movement includes a hashtag that you can search on IG and a video of myself preforming the lift will pop up

The technicalities:

  • Starts January 21 and Ends March 18
  • Weekly check in via email with questionnaire and pictures
    • Sunday or Monday of each week
    • Pictures to be taken in same outfit with light in front of you. A front, side, and back view (flexing and non flexing) holding a sign that states the date. (Only to be sent Week 1, Week 4, & Week 8)
    • Questionnaire will be a way for you to reflect on the last week, look forward to your goals for the upcoming week, and a way for me to follow along on your journey.
    • This will be the only formal check in each week/the main form of how we stay connected
    • If you have various questions or want me to review your form, feel free to send me a video or contact me via email or DM.
  • Cost for newcomers: $50 – $6.25 a week! Less than 2 cups of coffee, one burrito bowl, or one cocktail at the bar per week!
  • Cost for current/past clients: $20 -$2.50 a week!

Open for enrollment from January 14th to January 20th!

What you win:

1- First Place Prizes- $100 & Free Access to a BRAND SPANKING NEW 8 Week Program ($200 Value)

2- Second Place Prizes- Alaninu Preworkout Flavor of Your Choice (Subject to availability) & Free Access to a BRAND SPANKING NEW 8 Week Program ($150 Value)

3- Third Place Prize- Free Access to a BRAND SPANKING NEW 8 Week Program ($100 Value)

Winner will be chosen based off of physical changes as well as mental, emotional, and lifestyle changes evident from our weekly check ins!


This is the perfect way to start the New Year off on the right foot and get into shape before spring break! PUSH YOURSELF and win an additional 8 Week Program, putting you in even better shape for summer! You have the potential to receive 16 Weeks of programming for 75% off normal price!


To be determined by YOU!

I will start either a Facebook Group or a private group DM on Instagram or a private group on Messenger so we can interact with one another, encourage one another, and have a place to turn to for motivation. Whatever it ends up being will be based off of majority vote!