“Being big is not being afraid to take up space. It’s letting go of the idea that we’re meant to strive to be the smallest version of ourselves – no longer chasing the lowest number on the scale or smallest pant size and no longer letting fear of rejection, ridicule, judgement stop us from taking up space in the gym, speaking up for what we believe in, and being who we truly are. It’s taking the steps out of comfort zones to instead pursue the BIGGEST, happiest, truest versions of ourselves.”

If this sounds in alignment with your highest values, join an empire of like minded women who are all pursuing their biggest, strongest, healthiest, best lives.

It starts with the training program. I’ve created both a gym and home 4 week program based off my own training strategies to help all you baddies across the world show up as your strongest self week in and week out.

Home Option – A 4 Day Split Alternating Lower/Upper Body + Optional Fifth Day (Lower Body) & can work with dumbbells & booty band

Gym Option – A 4 Day Split Alternating Lower/Upper Body + Optional Fifth Day (Lower Body) & can work with squat rack, bench, plates, & dumbbells

Both have….

  • Explanations on how to practice progressive overload for every lift all four weeks
  • Tips and cues to focus on for every lift
  • Google Sheet to track the workouts & utilize progressive overload
  • Blank PR sheet to start LOADING IT UP with your impressive lifts
  • Weekly Check Ins to recap week/plan upcoming week
  • Once a week form checks
  • Daily questions answered

We don’t focus on weight loss or body transformations here

In this program we focus on how we can build our strength all around. Each month you’ll be doing some variation of deadlifts, hip thrusts, squats, military press, chin up, and bench press. We’re curating strong ass tiddies & booties!

The coaching will go down in a Facebook Group!

It will be a place to share PRs, podcast, quotes, BIG WINS, and have ladies to hype you TF up.

We will all be collectively striving to be our biggest self for a month straight through the gym, coaching, friendship, and additional journal prompts/insight throughout the challenge.

This program is for you if you are…

  • Someone who wants me as their coach as it’s the only way to work with me (I don’t train people in person and won’t be taking on anymore 1-on-1 clients)
  • Someone who wants to get strong AF
  • Someone who is ready to take their training to the next level, break through plateaus and gain a better understanding of how to practice progressive overload
  • Someone who feels meh about their training the last few months and wants to respark that fire
  • Someone who feeds off the energy of others and is wanting a group of badass, high vibe ladies to be hype with
  • Someone who is ready to BE BIG!

What do I want you to get out of the Be Big Group Coaching?

  • A better understanding of how to push yourself in the gym
  • A better understanding of when to take the rest day & opt for LESS
  • A better understanding and skills towards further developing a healthy relationship with food
  • Skills towards further developing a healthy relationship with their body
  • Accountability to their word
  • Breaking out of mindset/limiting beliefs/stories that are holding you back
  • A sense of friendship/connection with women on the same pursuit

I have such a great feeling about this and highly highly encourage you to sign TF up. If you’re ready for the biggest push of your life, go grab either the HOME or the GYM program labeled “BE BIG” BOTH ARE AVAILABLE NOW!

Program will run April 5th to May 3rd!



BE BIG GROUP COACHING – April Home Program